How to make fake scars

One of the most popular uses for liquid latex is the creation of professional looking Halloween fancy dress costumes, masks and fake skin effects which are quick and easy to create form home without the need for any special equipment or technical knowledge. It's easy to create your own fake scars, cuts and wounds using an old paint brush, tissue paper and talcum powder. Extremely realistic effects can be created using our flesh liquid latex.


Paint a thin layer of latex onto a non-porous surface such as an old CD case. Role a thin piece of tissue paper between your fingers to create one side of your fake scar or cut. Place the tissue paper onto to one edge of the latex.


Add a second piece of rolled up tissue paper on the opposite edge of the latex so the two pieces meet at the end to form the shape of your fake scar. Place a piece of tissue paper over the top and flatten it over and around the two rolled pieces.


Next, gently cover all the tissue paper with a thin layer of liquid latex using a stippling action. The latex will take anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour to dry depending on room temperature, drying time can be reduced using gentle heat from a hair dryer.

Fresh latex will always be tacky so it's important to prevent the latex from sticking to itself by dusting the prosthetic with talcum powder before peeling it away from the base. The underside of the finished wound will be flat and smooth, this is the area which goes on the skin. Latex prosthetics are attached to the skin with a cosmetic adhesive known as spirit gum, although many people prefer to use eyelash glue instead as it's easier to remove from the skin.


Non-oil based make-up won't react with latex and can be applied onto and around the fake scar for added effect. Store your latex scars in cool, dark conditions and they'll be reusable for many years to come. 10ml of liquid latex will be enough to create dozens of small fake wounds to compliment your Halloween costume.

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